Tips and Tricks For Using Vedu APP

In this article, we will discuss Tips and Tricks For Using Vedu APP

Veedu App 2024  is a wonderful media player that plays videos and audio in good quality for the users. It smoothly plays the AVI classic content and the latest HEVC-encoded 4k content. Its neat and clean interface seamlessly increases the user viewing experience.

Download faster your favorite movie. Video content is on a daily basis on this platform. All types of movies and TV shows are available for users from the latest to old. Veedu movie app provides video content on learning and education. You can watch videos about cooking, gaming, art, music, and many more. Its casting feature helps you to watch movies on the TV. You can also find the previous history of your searched video content. Download the Vedu APP Latest Version.


  • MP3
  • Mp4
  • HD
  • Full HD
  • AVI
  • 3PG
  • SD
  • Ulta HD
  • MKV

Tips and Tricks For Using Vedu APP

Here are some useful tips and tricks to use this app.

Subtitle customization

When you are watching any video and subtitles style and text do not find you good you can change the style of the subtitles text and the color and size of the text according to your choice.

Privacy mode

By enabling this mode in veedu movie app. The app can not access or watch your search history.

Playlist shuffle

 When one movie or drama episode ends the next one will start instead of again playing this movie or drama.

Search and filter options

Open Veedu app and on the home page search for your favorite movie. You can search for video content from the categories on the home page.  Searching for favorite movies is very easy in this app.

Playback speed

While watching your favorite movie you can adjust the playback speed according to your choice for better viewing.

Playlist management

You can manage a list according to your choice. Your favorite movies and shows are categorized for you. You can easily access your favorite videos and music.

Auto rotation control

You can justify the screen vertically or horizontally according to your Choice. You can watch the video on full screen. You can maximize or minimize the screen in the Vedu app.

Thumbnail preview

The thumbnails of almost all videos are available with the video. The thumbnail represents information about the video that you want to watch in vedu app.

Pop up window

While watching the video on vedu app. You can shift to other screens without skipping the video. You can watch movies and at the same time, open other apps like WhatsApp to chat with your friends.

Book markings

You can bookmark your favorite video to access your favorite ad-desired video content easily.

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