Vedu App and KM Player both are video player apps. Selecting a video player is the most important thing because there are lots of movie player apps in the industry. In this article, we will compare the Vedu app video player with the KM player in detail about the features of these apps and comparison of these apps.

Vedu App VS KM Player

Vedu APP VS KM Player

What is the Vedu APP

Vedu is a video player that supports many formats of audio and videos like full HD, Ultra HD, MP3, MP4, and more for the audience. All Hollywood and Bollywood films are free of cost and available for movie lovers. Also, explore your favorite Web series episodes.

Features of Vedu APP

No registration or subscription needed

You need not create an account and register to use this amazing app. Simply download and install this app and use it without any overwhelming registration

User-friendly interface

Vedu app has an easy-to-use interface and can be easily used by any inexperienced person. simply search and explore your favorite film.

Unmatched format compatibility

It supports wide formats like HD, full HD,4k videos,mp4, and mp3. It also supports all the older and classic videos and plays them in smooth formats.

Smooth playback with minimal buffering

In this app, videos are played very clearly and smoothly there is no buffering while watching your favorite videos. There is no automatic pause and stop delay while watching your favorite videos. Video presented to you in HD clear format without any interruption.

Enhanced video quality

If the video is of poor quality don’t worry this key feature of this app also enhanced and improved the quality of the video.

Cross-platform integration

You can download and use this app on mobile, Mac, iPhone, Windows, and PC. Choose your desired platform and download, and install this app to explore the film and movie world.

Privacy and security

You need not give personal data while using this app. Vedu app ensures that the user’s data is safe and secure.

What is KM Player

It is a video player through this, you can also watch your favorite movies and videos. It supports almost every format like 3G2,3gp,3GP2, AMV,mp2,mp4v,mpeg, MPEG1, OGM, AVI, VOB, and many more. It supports more than 20  subtitles like SRT, ASS, SSA, SUB, RT.FLV, TXT, S2K, LRC, and MOV You can increase or decrease the volume of movies, and stop and play movies.

Features of KM Player

Free of cost

This is a cost video player.

Play all video formats

It plays almost all types of videos like HD, MP4, AVI, MP3, DVD, VCD, OGM, AAC, 3D, UHD, ultra high definition and many more.

Full playback control

Through this feature, you can resize the video, pause the video, and also capture the live video in real-time. Adjust the audio volume and there is also a noise reduction feature in this app. You can also skip any section of video and sync the audio in this app.

Multilingual video player

It supports many languages like English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Indonesian, and many others for the audience.

Youtube video streaming

By entering the URL or link of another platform video like YouTube you can easily watch and download your favorite video.

Hardware acceleration function

You can watch your higher-resolution videos without heavy consumption of the storage power.


Through this feature, you can bookmark your favorite video for later viewing.

Chrome cast and iTunes support

Through this helpful feature, you can watch videos on the bigger screen of TV by chrome casting. You can also watch videos and audio from iTunes.

Set timer

You can set the timer for your video and the video stops according to the given time in the timer.

Mp3 converter

You can convert your video into audio through this feature.

My List

You can make a list of your favorite films. So categorizing the video content is easy in this app.

Vedu App VS KM Player

Format Supports

Vedu APP: It supports fewer formats of videos and audio. It supports HD, Ultra HD, MP4, MP3, AVI,4k videos and many others.

KM Player: It supports almost all formats of video. It supports formats like HD, Ultra HD, DVD, FLV.WMV, and many more.

Cost Free

Vedu App: This app is totally free of cost.

KM Player: This is also free but it has some premium features.

No pop-ups

Vedu app: There are no unwanted pop-ups on the home page of this app.

KM Player: There are interruptions of pop-ups on the home page.

Simple and easy-to-use interface

Vedu App: The interface of this app is very easy to use. You need not require technical knowledge to use this app.

KM Player: The interface of this app is a little bit technical. 

Easy navigation

Vedu app: In this app, you can easily search and explore your favorite videos because of its easy-to-use navigation feature. In the search bar on the home page put your favorite movie name, explore, and watch it for free.

KM Player: In this player, navigation is tougher than vedu movie player

Smooth videos

Vedu app: In this videos play smoothly. There is no pixel problem and blur in the videos.  Video resolution is also amazing in this app.

KM player: The video plays less smoothly than the Vedu app in the KM player.

Device compatibility

Vedu app: This app is available for ios, Mac, PC, and Android phones.

Km player:  This app is essentially designed for the PC.

Additional software requirements

Vedu app: You need not to install and download additional software to use this app.

KM player: This app requires additional software to use this app.

Less source consumption

Vedu app: This app does not require a high-power CPU and storage to install the app .

KM player: This app requires more storage and power than Vedu app.


We have compared both video player apps in detail, and we conclude that the end vedu app is the better video player than km because there are no ads or buffering in this app. You can access all the features of this app for free than the kM player. You can explore any web series in the simple and user-friendly interface of vedu movie player.

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